Using videoconferencing has never been easier, and as of 2020, many people are now relying on videoconferencing services such as Zoom to connect with one another. Here are the basics of how a Zoominar via Zoom works with me:

  • ZOOMINAR: If you decide you’d like to host a zoominar at your training space, that’s great! I am looking forward to working with you and your group. We’ll agree on a day or days and times to meet, and prior to the zoominar, I’ll send course maps without numbers, but with build coordinates, so that you and I can build the exact same course in our respective training spaces. You’ll have told me prior to the zoominar what your equipment availability is, as well as what the dimensions of your training space are. Before the zoominar, we’ll meet privately to make sure all of our technology works! On the day of the zoominar, we’ll get all of our technology set up as outlined in the next section, and then on your end, participants will take turns working with their dogs, just like at a face-to-face seminar. I’ll be in MY training space, and you’ll be in YOUR training space. The participant who is actively working with their dog on course will be able to hear ME, and I’ll be able to hear that participant, and of course all of the other attendees will be listening in as well! The zoominar will be recorded, and when it’s over, you’ll have access to that recording to share with all of the attendees. 
  • FOLLOW UP: Unlike a face-to-face seminar, zoominars don’t require any travel time on my part! So, for every hour I’d spend traveling to or from your training space, participants can have 30-minutes of follow up in private lessons (also via Zoom).
  • FEEDBACK: In addition to follow up time after the zoominar, you’ll get some time as the host/hostess to follow up with me privately, so that we can discuss how the zoominar went, any technology questions you may have, handling or training questions, and whether or not you’d like to schedule a follow up zoominar or private lesson. 
  • Connect with a world class instructor from the comfort of your training space!
  • Utilize Zoom to avoid costly travel fees associated with hosting instructors for seminars!
  • Get follow up private lessons after the zoominar!


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