Stumbling To Success 

 October 18, 2021

By  Daisy

When we see a constant stream of perfection in our social media feeds, it can be helpful to remember that progress is not linear, and is often instead two steps forward, one step back. But progress IS made!

This morning I want to share with you two comments shared with me by Agility Challenge members. They’re great reminders that the perfection you SEE is almost certainly the result of a process that involved some frustration, setbacks, heartache, and also success, progress, accomplishment, and JOY! 

Sabrina says:

I feel a great need to shout out to Daisy and her group The Agility Challenge. Every time I’ve had a question or encountered a challenge she is quick to help, give suggestions and some skills to work on. I can’t stress enough how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program!

Freedom (2 yrs 9 mos old) has been working through some challenges of stage fright and fear of the table. I started this program to “fix” her dog walk fly off’s. When the table became an issue, I went back through foundations with her. After a month begging her to please get on the table, I got this yesterday. Yes, I was way too excited and caused her to jump up on me, thus NQ for the run, but I was so thrilled. Her turns are tighter, her dog walk is beautiful and she did not hesitate to get on her table.

Still need the start line courage to increase, but thank you Daisy Peel for such a wonderful, well thought out and systematic plan I can easily follow.

Amy says:

I just want to say Thank You. I could not understand why I need a tunnel by pass cue. In AKC (which I mainly show in) the most common tunnel by pass is going from the dog walk to a C shaped tunnel and the correct entrance is the off side one for the dog. I have not had any problem doing this with a simple threadle and by pass cue I use for jumps. But these [PIECE IT TOGETHER] exercises [at The Agility Challenge] and the Sharpen up ones showed me differently.

My dogs responded to my threadle cue, but then said “where do you want me to go” and I had to say “tunnel”. The challenge was to get “tunnel” out soon enough so they would not look back at me or even hesitate, which in a trial would make the judge question whether it was a refusal. If I just had a word to say it is the tunnel while I am saying change your line and take the other end of the tunnel, it would have been much smoother and easier for dogs and me. The challenge is to maintain a tunnel cue, since I may not use it often. So it means bring it into a regular -rehearsal time in training. Of course once it is trained.

I’ve been at this dog agility stuff for TWENTY YEARS. And I can GUARANTEE you that I have had a LOT of failure over the years. Far more failures than successes! If I focused only on the failures, I’d have quit long long ago.

My failures are my motivation.
My failures are my coach.
My failures guide me forward.
Trying involves failing.
Trying hard involves failing HARD.

So, if you’re recovering from disappointment this past weekend, or week, and you’re seeing all the amazing successes people are posting to their social media feeds, remember that ALL of those successes are the result of failing, learning, failing, learning, and sometimes, hitting that sweet spot of success. 

Don’t try to avoid failure – head at it straight on! Inspect it, learn from it, brush your knees off, get back up, and run right back in to the fray!

Every success is the result of MULTIPLE failures.

Have stumbled recently? Share YOUR lumps and bumps in a comment below!

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