Snooker Rules Explained! 

 January 2, 2015

By  Daisy

Today was my young dog’s very first USDAA trial! As I listened to the very thoughtful and thorough briefing that the judge gave to the Starter’s Snooker competitors, I was surprised at the number of competitors that had no idea how the game was actually played! The judge was very patient explaining the rules – but oh, how I wanted to jump up and down and tell everybody, “hey, did you guys know that there is a CLASS you can take on this at The Agility Challenge?!”.

Then, I realized that at the very least, I could make this 22 minute video, on the rules of snooker available to everybody! Lori Michaels put this video together as part of her Snooker 101 course. Judges, you can just play this video on your iPad during the briefing, and you’ll never have to explain snooker again! OK, you probably will, but COMPETITORS and INSTRUCTORS, share this video with your students to help demystify the game! And, you can learn even MORE about the game, and the skills you need to play it, in Lori’s SNOOKER 101 course – part of The Agility Challenge!

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