See, Fly, Run 

 January 21, 2024

By  Daisy

This morning, my Facebook feed showed me a lot of RIP posts, then served up a photo of Fly, who I euthanized on this day back in 2013. Fly was the first agility dog I travelled with, went to regional and national events with, and made a Final at a national event with. He was a BC x Aussie rescue, had no impulse control, no contacts, no obstacle independence, barely a start line, and wouldn’t have stopped on a course if he encountered a brick wall. I picked him out of a group of rescues in foster care because HE ran in a straight line to a thrown ball and those ‘idiot border collies all ran a curve’ which seemed useless to me for agility 😂

Fly guarded food, toys, me, and anything he viewed as a resource. He fought first with Gonzo, then with Jester, and my house was a system of baby gates. One time, tied to a fence, he bit me when it wasn’t his turn to play. I bit him back. For real. My training and handling skills were limited, and very ham handed, but I had 🔥 in spades, and so did Fly. I screamed and yelled a lot, and he kept coming back for more, more, more.

He was such a blast to do agility with, and I got hooked REAL good. I sure did love that little bastard 🥰🤪

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