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It Matters How You Slice It

It Matters How You Slice It

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Slice jumps, or slice approaches to jumps, can pose particular difficulties for our dogs. In this course, you'll learn about the different types of slice approaches to jumps, the types of difficulties they pose for your dog, and how to help your dog become more skilled at navigating these approaches to jumps!

You can progress through this course at your own pace, and receive feedback from Daisy Peel on your work, if you purchased the course as a participant. If you're a spectator, you can ask questions about the exercises, and about your own work and the work of others, but posting of videos is not permitted. If you'd like to upgrade from a spectator to a participant, please contact Daisy.

You'll have four weeks as a participant to progress through this short course, and regardless of whether you're a spectator or participant, you'll have access to the course for six months. All of the videos and handouts are available for download, so even after your access expires, you'll still have access to the course content!

[box title="WANT MORE CONTENT LIKE THIS?" box_color="#7ba969"]The content in this course originally appeared in The Agility Challenge as one of the sets of monthly challenges. It was so helpful to Challenge Team Members that Daisy decided to make it available as a standalone course! You can get content like this, and much, much more if you join The Agility Challenge - it's a year long program that provides monthly content to members, as well as video feedback on your work, for one low price for the whole year! If you like this course, and you want more content like this, check out The Agility Challenge - open for registration now![/box]

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