Join The Agility Challenge Club!

The Agility Challenge is the name of Daisy Peel’s online agility training program, but it’s ALSO the name of the club that organizes UKI events at Agility Challenge Acres in Troy, OH, at The Agility Challenge Arena!

If you’ve taken lessons in person from Daisy Peel in Troy, OH, and would like to join The Agility Challenge club, and enjoy rental time at The Agility Challenge Arena, as well as discounts on UKI shows and other events at the facility, you can learn more below.

Agility Challenge Membership Application

Use this form to apply online to become a member of The Agility Challenge Club in Troy, OH.

Member Information


Application Criteria

NOTE: Eligibility to apply for Club Membership & Training Privileges requires successful completion of two private lessons with Daisy Peel on the premises. Please list the two private lessons you have completed before filling out the remaining portion of this form and submitting it for training privileges.

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