Our first day in Germany (or, how to get through customs QUICKLY!)

After a long flight from JFK to FRA, we actually landed early; almost an hour early, in fact.  Despite that, poor Solar had still gone to the bathroom in his crate.  He had tried to bury the mess between the two beds I had put in his crate, but it was still pretty foul, and because I didn’t go the shredded paper route, there was quite the mess to clean up.  Other than that, our arrival was uneventful and Solar seems none the worse for wear.  When I went through customs for the vet check, the veterinarian came over, putting on her latex gloves as she approached, getting ready to actually physically check Solar, but when she leaned over to look at him through the crate door and got a whiff of what was inside, she was content to just look at his paperwork, and shooed me on pleasantly but in a way that suggested she’d like me to get as far away as possible, and QUICK. I made it through customs before David, who had gone through the ‘nothing to declare’ side.

David drinks a beer at JFK

David and I drove to our hotel for the evening before cleaning any of the mess up; we figured it would be easier to get out of Frankfurt and in to a smaller town.  The hotel owner directed us to a supermarket where we got some cleaning supplies (laundry detergent, a scrub brush) and drinking water (drinking water is SPENDY but a large jug of distilled water, found in the laundry section, was much less so). Solar and the bedding were getting a washing! He needed a bath anyway J If you thought European shower stalls were small, trying fitting in to one with your border collie and then some VERY dirty laundry.

We left yesterday, Thursday 9/23, at 3AM PST, and arrived at 6-ish AM Frankfurt time.  I got enough sleep on the plane that I woke up as the plane landed at FRA feeling ready to meet the day.  Solar and I took a long walk, off leash, in a big field near the hotel (Gasthaus) where we’re staying tonight, in Würzburg. We’re staying at the Gasthaus We met a local and her dog, and talked about where the dog friendly and off leash areas might be (everywhere, basically), and Solar got to play a little.

The forks are tiny!!

Germany is a pretty place right now. The colors are all changing for Fall, and there are a lot of really neat buildings.  I really like Germany after just one day; the people seem to eat fast (like me!), they all seem to like beer (like me!), and there were pancakes incorporated in to the dinner menu items and the dessert menu items (woo hoo!).  Oh yes, and the dessert, a blueberry pancake with vanilla ice cream, was served with a tiny fork, just like I like!!


The remnants of our pfannkuchen dessert

At 6pm, we headed downstairs for dinner and a beer.  Dinner was prepared by the hotel owners, a nice older couple.  David had breaded pork and pommes frite, and I had a pancake with pork and mushrooms and spinach salad in it.  YUM.  Then there was another pancake for dessert.

Solar resting in our hotel room in Wurzburg

So, we managed to stay up till 8pm, and I’ll probably get up again around 10:30pm to give Solar one more chance to go out for the night, but other than that, it’s off to bed! (typed Friday 9/23, posted Saturday 9/24)