Music for a found harmony

This might not look like much to you, but to me, this is the sweetest victory I’ve ever enjoyed.

For nearly four weeks now, Juno and I have been engaged in exploring how we might connect better on course, and this past weekend, we took our new show on the road, in to the ring, for the first time. This weekend, three days, AKC, and my plan was to NOT finish a single course…not on PURPOSE anyway. If we got caught up in the moment and FOUND ourselves at the end of a course together, well, that would be amazing. But since we’re only up to 7-9 obstacles at home with our new plan, that was about the maximum I figured I would do in the ring. The focus was on fast, fun starts, and fast, fun finishes.

Next weekend is another three day AKC trial, and I am looking forward to it like you would not believe.

You simply cannot imagine how excited I am to do even a FEW obstacles in a row, in the ring, with this Juno. My plan is the same – we might do 1 obstacle, we might do 20. I don’t really care. Just to step in to the ring and have THIS…what a rush. I’m a fairly goal oriented person, this is not typically how I operate…so I assume that THIS is the lesson to be learned here, and intend to enjoy learning it, at long last.

The Juno that has been there all along, waiting for me, if I can just find my way to her. This Juno, I have never seen her in the ring, not with me at the wheel…until this weekend. So proud of my girl…

Must remember….

You’ve got to change your behavior.

Bringing out the inner Juno