If you never slow down, you’ll never grow old….right?

David Bowie died, and it made me sad. I never met the guy, probably wouldn’t enjoy hanging around him, and didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about him. But when I saw that he’d died, I was struck. He was  one of, if not THE artist responsible for shaping my musical taste. My aunt had all his albums on vinyl and I listened to all of them as a kid. I remember thinking how neat it was that this guy had two different colored eyes. Whoa. And, I remember seeing the video for China Girl on MTV, back when MTV actually played music videos.

The video was pretty terrible, in retrospect. But at the time? Damn. It was racy. Still is, really. The whole day, I contemplated my own mortality in a way I never really had. Theoretically, obviously, I’m aware that I’m not going to live forever, duh. But for some reason the day he died, I kept having these moments where I’d have to stop, overcome with the idea, “oh man, I’m not gonna BE here forever…”

Dose one of discover-your-mortality

Then, finally, I put some (more than I wanted to, but less than I’m worth, ultimately) money where my mouth is, and went in for an MRI on my back and hips. I’ve complained of “back pain” that is really pelvic pain for YEARS now. I hate sitting for too long. I have a standing desk. Movement is good, sitting is the enemy. Waking up in the morning…I’m in my 30s, I shouldn’t have to slide out of bed on my back, sit on the floor to put my socks and pants on, right? I’m just a weeny, just stiff, just muscles. Well finally I found out. One of my lumbar vertebrae is slowly fusing to my sacrum. And there’s dejenerative joint disease in my lumbar vertebrae. And a bulging disc. And stenosis. So, looking on the bright side, I’m not complaining for NOTHING.

Dose two of discover-your-mortality

So I went in to physical therapy. MRI on a bad day, PT on a good day. Or so I thought. The exercises the PT had me do seemed so ridiculously easy and within my physical abilities. HAH. Just hours later, my back muscles were so sore I wanted to vomit. Well, that and…a virus. Seriously? Do things REALLY have to come in threes?!

Dose three of discover-your-mortality

“It’s not strep, so…probably a virus. Just go home and take it easy.” Great. I’m pretty terrible at taking it easy at my best. I don’t have TIME to take it easy, are you kidding? But I kind of have to respect my body’s wishes, when, standing at my computer, I suddenly want to vomit and fall over all at the same time. I’ll just lay down for a few minutes, til the nausea passes. And then a couple hours go by. Repeat. What a waste of time.

In any case, having spent a good portion of time at the doctor and PT over the past couple of weeks, I have a new found appreciation for the health problems and issues of the mortal. Because apparently, I’m ONE of them. The mortal. Dang it.

On a more exciting note, this upcoming weekend is World Agility Open TEAM PRACTICE! With Frodo. Still makes me shake my head. In a GOOD way, I assure you. It’s just so….freakin…COOL.