Going Mental

I’ve written a lot about the mental game,

In so many different words, but the concept remains the same.

Regardless of whether you’re new or at the top,

Without attention to this piece, your enjoyment will drop.

Set goals, keep a diary, a journal, or a blog,

But find some simple way of your progress to log.

Come up with your very own measuring stick,

so on the agility course, you and your dog can really click.

Those who say that goals are just for a Type A

are missing out on a tool to help increase the joy of each day.

Those who think this mental stuff is too touchy feely,

are missing the point. It’s about behavior change, really.

You’re always “becoming” – changing and growing,

Into somebody else, with or without your knowing.

Agility – you and your dog, together in movement.

Just another framework for continued self-improvement.