Day two in Germany

This morning I woke up feeling fully acclimated to the time change.  I even woke up at my usual time, between 7:30-8am.  Solar and I went for a walk outside (in the rain, ugh!), and met a couple of other people out in the neighborhood walking dogs. So far, I haven’t seen many dogs, but the dogs I *have* seen all seem well mannered and much more trim than the average USA pet dog.  Most have not been on leash, even in fairly well populated areas. It’s very refreshing.

Breakfast was at 8am at the Hotel-Gasthaus Gemütlichkeit Veitshöchheim, where David had booked us for the previous night. He did a great job of booking a place that was outside the city just a bit, so there was plenty of space for Solar to run around off leash and just be a dog, which I’m sure helped him feel ‘normal’ after such a long trip. Breakfast was wonderful.  Soft boiled eggs are just gross, but a WARM freshly cooked soft boiled egg, now that is amazing.  YUM.  There was a full layout of meats and cheeses as well.  The coffee was not as memorable, but it helped tide me over till we went in to town.

Enjoying coffee and an internet connection

After packing up all our stuff, we headed to downtown Wurzburg to find a hot spot.  Germany is riddled with T Mobile hotspots (I guess the company is a German company), so we found one at a nice cafe where we got some REAL coffee (i.e. coffee so strong you can’t see through it and with a bit of a head!), and a nice fruit strudel/cobbler sort of thing.

After walking around Wurzburg for a bit, we headed off to Rothenburg, a medieval city complete with rock walls.  We debated about whether or not to take Solar, and ultimately left him in the car, which was a good decision.  The steps to get up on to the walls were narrow and uneven, and the wooden rails were polished shiny by what I can only imagine were millions of hands throughout the years.

About 1/4 of the way around the city, we came upon a tower that was open to the public – for 1,50 euro each, we got to climb more tiny uneven stairs, up several flights, to reach the top of the tower.  It was pretty cool, though, and the view was great for pictures:


A view from the Rothenburg wall Tower

Another view from the Rothenburg wall Tower

Our enjoyment was cut short by David’s realization that he couldn’t find his debit card.  We opened a Capital One debit account just for this trip, since they feature no-fee ATM withdrawals internationally, so it wasn’t our “real” debit card that he’d lost, but still….just try to get a hold of a bank in the USA when you have no cell phone access! After an hour it was all resolved and all was well, but by then I was soaked and annoyed, so we headed to the hotel we’re now staying at, The Landgasthof Weisses-Lamm in Engelthal, about a 1/2 hour from Nurnberg.  The air outside smells like manure, but not in a bad way.  The hotel is in a tiny little farming sort of community, replete with old barns and quaint little houses (some quaint BIG houses too!).  Once again, lots of room to walk  Solar, and this time, the free internet we were expecting last night is actually working.

Tomorrow we head to Nurnburg to look around.  I have found a couple of pet stores to visit, one a big store called Hundemaxx, and the other a little boutique style store in the Hauptmarkt or central market.

Off to bed…