2012 Rose City Rehash

This year’s Rose City Classic was a mixed bag.  First off, I’ll say that as far as results went, the dogs and I did pretty well.  Solar got first in the ISC STD and JWW runs, for a first place overall, and it wasn’t for lack of competition.  There were plenty of nice 26″ dogs there!  This is Solar’s third year in a row winning the overall ISC in Portland, which sort makes me shake my head a little bit.  What are the odds?

Jester did quite well, even winning a couple of the classes, which is no small feat, as there are also a lot of really great 20″ dogs that show up for this competition.  Eight years old, and still going strong.

Juno…well, I came away feeling like I’d let her down.  I had hoped she’d take after Jester and Solar, and get amped up by the crowds, and the energy, but she really struggled with all those eyes on her.  For Saturday’s JWW run, I led out, and looked back at her, and there was just no spark in her eyes.  I could tell she did NOT want to do this agility thing, not in that setting, not at that moment.  Typically, although she’s not going full speed, I can tell she’s happy.  This time, I felt horrible.  She was NOT happy.  We finished the run, she got her cookies, I excused myself for a long walk to clear my head, and I thought long and hard about whether or not to try her again in the ring when she clearly wasn’t enjoying herself.  I did, and she had a clear round in T2B and ISC STD, and thankfully, she seemed happier, perhaps because the crowds had thinned a bit.  She was happy on  Sunday as well, but again in ISC JWW, the crowds were not to her liking.  I felt like I’d thrown her to the wolves a bit. So, lots to reflect on for Juno.

Despite not being an entirely happy camper, Juno was a trooper, and got a few QQs, along with big brothers Jester and Solar. It’s been a long time since I felt that guilty, and I can only hope that next year, with another year of life and experience under her belt, Juno will enjoy the atmosphere and the spectators as much as Jester, Solar, and I do.

It is possible to post decent times even when you have to make a tight turn after the dogwalk.  Here I’m cuing Solar to turn to that orange tunnel after the dogwalk.  He has of course put his own spin on things and typically chooses to turn IN to me rather than away in these situations, but, given the mess you see in the picture above, it’s amazing he can turn at all 😉 He got first place in this class, even with a turn to this tunnel that was of course not as tight as a dog with a stopped contact.  Hopefully I’ll get this run soon; my camcorder malfunctioned but there was a video service there filming.

Here you go, for your video viewing pleasure:

2012 Rose City Playlist