2011 World Championships (and catch-up)

I'm really HERE!

I'm really HERE! (photo by Carrie DeYoung)

Toward the end of the Opening Ceremonies this morning, I got a big grin on my face, because I realized, I’m HERE! I’m really HERE!! And holy schmoly, I’ve been here before! I hope I am lucky enough to be here AGAIN! World Championships is just about the coolest place to be, ever, hands down.  By the end of the day, as the team left for the hotel, even though I was exhausted from all the sensory input (lights, loud music, dancing, agility runs that are crazy awesome to watch), I found myself wishing I could just MOVE to Europe so I could run courses like these ALL the time. Anyway, Carrie caught me at just the moment I realized all this 🙂

Photo by Carrie DeYoung

Solar and Daisy, Ind JWW (Photo by Carrie DeYoung)

Today I had just one run with Solar, Individual JWW.  I was so hoping to improve upon our JWW performance from last year, and in many ways I *did*, but alas, things fell apart for the two of us at the broad jump, and Solar exploded the broad jump, startled himself wide after, and then spent the rest of the run falling on his face to catch up to me, who was doing a less than stellar job of helping him out 🙁  I do think that I stepped to the line in a much better frame of mind than last year; I wasn’t overaroused, I was excited but not nervous, happy, smiling, so that was a huge accomplishment.  I enjoyed the run, for the most part, although it made me sick at heart to watch my dog slip and fall so many times on a course.  I’m disappointed about not qualifying, but I’m more disappointed that I didn’t stick with Solar well enough to help him stay upright a bit better. Thank goodness Val was on hand to make sure he was OK after, I’d have felt REALLY ill if I’d caused him to have an injury.

Lots of dogs were having trouble with the surface, as it’s pretty slick.  Solar is normally pretty good on carpet, and he was fine til our little broad jump glitch; I assume my sudden lack of attention to detail caused the rest of the slips, or maybe the two of us just lost confidence, who knows.  It’s over and done with, and tomorrow is TEAM day for large dogs, which I’m looking forward to!

2011 Large Dog Team

Large Dog Team Class Photo