Who Is Daisy?

Daisy is a highly accomplished international and national competitor, as well as an internationally sought after instructor. She’s well-known for her intense running style, positive attitude and focus, attention to both technical and mental aspects of the game, and exceptional running contacts.


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Check Out Daisy's Educational Videos, Books, and More

Check Out Daisy’s Educational Videos, Books, and More


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  1. The DogTread Experiment

    Although I can’t prove it, I’m pretty sure that the winter was largely to blame for Solar’s injury last spring. Heading toward AKC Nationals in March, I felt, like I have for several...
  2. The Brass Ring

    Thoughts on brass rings, real and imagined. Learning to be ok with poorly defined relationships, untouchable things that logic can't explain. Nothing new about that, though....and, some magical houseguests.
  3. Putting on performance pants

    I am continuing to explore the joys of being a soft touch. Juno, and Frodo, and to some extent Chipper, all require this of me, and so I continue to work on becoming....